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Why mothers benefit from home working

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Becoming a VA and working from home is the ideal solution for women with young children who want to continue their employment, according to a study by the Office for National Statistics. The report also suggests that hiring remote staff is cost-effective for businesses, making it an all-round good choice for both parties.

The study also reveals that mothers are more likely to be employed than women with no young children. Those with childcare responsibilities have an employment rate of 69.6%, while those without come in at 67.5%. This is the first time this has ever been the case in the UK.

Modern technology, such as fast broadband, email and free video-conferencing software, is likely to have caused this shift, as companies around the country are hiring more remote workers in order to reduce the cost of running a business. Virtual assistants also play a major part, with many PAs making the decision to continue working after having a baby.

VA F├ítima Malagueira says it was the flexibility that drew her to the job. She claims she used to be in the office 15 hours a day, but setting up her home business has allowed her to work around her young daughter’s schedule.

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