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From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA

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When it comes to general knowledge, I don’t pretend to be a know-it-all, but a bit of friendly competition can certainly bring out the brainiac in me. Well, that’s exactly what happened earlier this week when I made an appearance at Triggerfish Communications’ Cleverbox pub quiz, which was held at the trendy Tanner & Co restaurant and event space in London Bridge.

Now I have a tendency to bury my nose in a copy of OK! or the entertainment section of the Metro on my journey into work, so I figured I would be well prepared for any questions about which celebrity did what and where. Sure enough my team held its own in that round, but I’m glad there was a man on hand to provide the knowledge of sport I lack (by choice, I might add, because I don’t see the big deal with nasty football).

The quiz was made even more fun by added challenges. One member of the team had to make guacamole in three minutes using only a knife and a spoon, another had to choose the most expensive wine out of three by taste alone and we all had to build the tallest free-standing structure we could out of Play-Doh, which was a riot in itself!

Plus, Tanner & Co graciously provided us with the most amazing burgers I think I’ve ever tasted, served on a nice, soft roll with a cute cup of seasoned chips on the side.

I most definitely recommend finding a pub quiz and having a go yourself; you may just discover a hidden font of knowledge in that brain of yours.