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From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA

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Happy New Year to you all – it’s back to the grindstone this month with a vengeance for most of us wage slaves, I imagine. January of course is infamous for being that time of year when all of our best intentions go into overdrive as we devise a fiendishly clever list of entirely unobtainable resolutions.

One promise that a good many of us nine-to-fivers will make this month is that of finding a fabulous new job – you know, one where you have access to an in-house beauty salon, an unlimited expense account and there’s a chauffeur-driven limo that takes you to and from work…

But seriously, news reaches my desk that a staggering 87 per cent of employees will be looking round for a new position during 2014. Apparently, when they were quizzed by recruitment site on why they wished to move on to pastures new, more than half (52.6 per cent to be precise) said it was because they didn’t trust their boss.

Meanwhile, those bright sparks at team development firm Fresh Tracks have come up with three hypotheses of their own as to why staff might call it quits. First off, they reckon this time it’s personal: fitting in nicely with the research done over at staffbay, the most common reason given for moving jobs is not getting on with your boss.

Next up, more than two-thirds of employees surveyed (that’s 68 per cent for the pedants among you) disagree with what their company stands for. Apparently, employees are quite picky about organisations that put profits before people and talk a lot of hot air-filled rhetoric but fail to deliver on their promises.

The other major grievance nursed by a good many office workers is frustration that they’re not able to progress in their role as they feel they should because they lack the right training and development opportunities.

So, bosses of Britain take note: what PAs and other office workers want is a manager who values each individual’s contribution, empowers his or her staff to do their job better, listens to opinions and gives team members honest, constructive feedback on a regular basis. Wherever you work, and regardless of whether you decide to stay put or jump ship, here’s hoping 2014 brings us all health, wealth and happiness.