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From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA

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Hello again my fellow office professionals – what have you been up to since we were last in touch? I’ve been swanning around in what has to be one of Europe’s most glamorous destinations, Monaco.

What a gorgeous spot to hold a meeting, I will definitely be recommending this to Mr P as somewhere to consider for our next AGM.

Not only is the weather amazing, (glorious sunshine and 23 degrees in October!) but the venues are simply to-die-for. This place offers the last word in luxury – check out the decidedly upmarket Métropole, with its Karl Lagerfeld-designed pool area and a restaurant run by Michelin-starred chef Joel Robuchon – let’s just say that after staying here you probably won’t want to cross the threshold of a budget hotel ever again…

Then there’s the stunning Fairmont property, designed to give the impression of being aboard a cruise liner – apparently, they spent nearly 50 million euros renovating this place and boy have they made a good job of it. It’s situated right on the route of the thrilling Formula 1 event (if you find that kind of thing thrillng, personally I saw the race in Monza one time, lots of noise and boy racers in Scaletrix-type cars if you ask me) so you can watch the action on the infamous Hairpin bend from the pool terrace.

And then there’s the food – not a fish finger or a spam sandwich in sight (though I did spy a discreetly camouflaged branch of the golden arches purveyor of hamburgers). Try some escargots at the stylish Café de Paris, or if you’re not feeling that adventurous, how about some foie gras (and to heck with what the people at PETA will say)? You may even wish to savour some caviar – this is Monte Carlo after all!

Stop off at the Monte Carlo Bay and you’ll find delightful outdoor dining at L’Orange Verte – the Tricolore salad served with burrata (a creamer version of mozzarella), a variety of different tomatoes and avocado has to be the best I’ve eaten anywhere – and that’s saying something, considering I lived in Italy for a number of years.

Until next time darlings, stay fabulous!