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From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA

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As the PA to an exec who likes to show off as much as Mr P, I’ve been to my fair share of lavish venues. At last night’s PA Life networking event, however, I found a real hidden gem in the Rag Army & Navy Club, a super-swish gentlemen’s private club on the corner of Pall Mall and St Jame’s Square.

You might not think by looking at the exterior of the property that it’s anything out of the ordinary, but you would be very wrong. Just inside is a grand entrance hall usually seen in the likes of stately manor houses. The enormous staircase is equally as fantastic but I opted for the lift, which still managed to impress me; a bit of gold trim and a soothing voice letting me know which button I’d pressed is all it takes, really.

The event was held in the Ladies’ Drawing Room on the second floor. This lovely space can be divided using a sliding door, making it the perfect place to hold a drinks reception followed by a sit-down dinner. The mint green walls and gold and white trim really make the beautiful glass chandeliers stand out, plus it feels very empowering to be surrounded by gorgeous antique paintings of notable women.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, the Rag was established as a private setting for officers of the armed forces to meet. It got its unusual name when a disgruntled member of the original club called it a “Rag and Famish affair,” referring to the name of an ill-reputed gambling den. The other members had a good old laugh about it and took it on as nickname, which eventually stuck as the official moniker.

Today, the club is open to non-service men and women for private hire and it offers corporate membership for business people. As well as the huge range of meeting spaces I saw during a tour of the property, I found out it offers fine dining at the Coffee Room and a very chic, relaxed atmosphere at the Ribbon Bar & Terrace. Check out the venue for yourself at

So there’s another great find to add to my list for dear Mr P. He really should be thankful that I’m so eager to attend all these networking events, or else he’d have to entertain his clients in the local church hall.