From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA – PA Life Club

From the desk of Penelope Alice, Britain’s most fabulous PA

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I have certainly been a busy bee this week, attending showcase evenings to track down the perfect venue for my next corporate event. Mr P won’t settle for any old place, so rest assured I was visiting some top properties.

First, I made an appearance at a PA networking event at the fabulous One Moorgate Place, home to the Institute of Chartered Accountants and one of London’s hidden gems.

The canapés were scrumptious, although as us PAs love free food, the poor chaps serving were descended upon as if by a pack of vultures the second they stepped into the room. Nonetheless, the entertainment kept things going with wine tasting, champagne served up by girls in flapper dresses and a magician, who could easily be traced according to the delighted squeals of some of the other guests.

Next, I was off to the Tower Hotel, another of those places I’ve unfortunately ignored in my journeys across Tower Bridge. It offers a chic setting – guaranteed to impress your executives. The meeting reception has an entire wall of windows, providing a breath-taking view of the Thames and the imposing bridge.

The large event room can be divided into smaller sections and the staff had cleverly set up three areas to showcase what each space can accommodate. I was more impressed, however, by the cute pick-and-mix station off to the side. Meanwhile, the Christmas party display whisked me back to my childhood, with an adorable gingerbread house that apparently took the head chef six days to make (pictured). Now, that’s what I call dedication.