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Put your back into better posture

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Spending eight hours at a desk is not uncommon for millions of workers around the world. The only break that many of us get from our chair is a quick walk to the printer, a trip to the toilet, or a stroll to the café around the corner. However, the effect of sitting for so long can be detrimental to your health, leading to serious back problems that require years of therapy, according to Aktion Gesunder Rücken (the Campaign for Healthier Backs), a German-based association that promotes research into backache and collates findings to encourage the development of solutions to prevent injuries.

AGR has partnered with medical professionals to identify the leading causes of spinal pain and suggest things people can do to reduce their risk of complications. It advises office workers to adopt ideal conditions suggested by doctors specialising in workplace injuries, which include alternating between sitting for half of your time at work and splitting the remainder of your day evenly between standing and walking.

A dynamic workstation that can be used sitting or standing can help achieve this balance and employees should aim to take short breaks to stretch their legs every 30 minutes.

Making changes to the work environment such as introducing adjustable desks and conference tables that can be used with or without chairs can combat back pain and increase productivity. Standing and walking improves the circulation of blood, which gives the brain a wake-up call and increases cognitive processes.