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The true cost of being an office worker

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Workers in the UK spend a staggering £67 billion a year on costs incurred because of their jobs. Work-related expenses such as such as childcare, commuting, work clothes and computer equipment cost the average full-time employee £2,681 each year, accounting for 12% of their disposable income.

Although salaries have risen by around 1.4%, the average cost of working has increased by 10% over the past year, leaving workers significantly out of pocket, according to research conducted by Santander Credit Cards.

Commuting accounts for the greatest cost to workers, with the typical annual outlay now standing at £785, up from £766 in 2012. Those who drive to work spend £955 a year on travel, with £835 spent on fuel, £82 on parking and £38 on tolls or congestion charges. Those who use public transport to get to work spend slightly less money, around £927 a year.

Childcare is also a substantial cost burden for one in five workers (19%), who spend an average of £3,656 each year on it, an increase of £24 on last year.