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Safety and fitness top priorities for business travellers

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What really matters most to your executives when they are on the road? It seems that safety, communication with loved ones and fitness top the list, according to a survey of 675 business travellers.

Safety and security concerns come out in first place, with 76% saying they feel it is important for their employers to take this into account. For 75% of travellers being able to stay in touch with family and friends is a must. Health and fitness is not forgotten on these trips, as 65% say they maintain a balanced diet and 46% like to keep up with exercise routines when away from home.

The survey, conducted by the Global Business Travel Association sponsored by AirPlus International, also reveals what business travellers find most stressful. The majority (85%) of those surveyed agreed that they enjoy business travel, describing the opportunity to see new places as a benefit. However, stress levels rise when dealing with delays or cancellations, according to 66% of respondents. Try to avoid booking long layovers and connecting flights, as 49% and 45% respectively claim these contribute to anxiety.

Making environmentally conscious decisions also factored into the findings, with 52% opting for hotels close to their meetings so they could walk or take public transport (45%) to reduce their carbon footprint.