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Wine tasting at vinoteca: a fun & educational evening with pa life club

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PA Life Club members to had a pleasure to join a very entertaining and educational evening of a wine tasting at Vinoteca Borough Yards near London Bridge…

The FAM Trip to Vinoteca was fully booked, with a long wait list, almost as soon as we announced that it was going to be an evening of wine tasting. It seems that PA Life Club members have a real quest form knowledge, also when it comes to wine.

We were welcomed by Lisa Maree, Head of Events at the Vinoteca group of restaurants, and her team and a glass of very good prosecco. We then had a chance to greet and meet everyone over a generous serving of delicious finger food including arancini, ceviche canapes, fish cakes to name a just few dishes.

We moved to a private dining space upstairs, an mezzanine floor with a beautiful arched ceiling, reminiscent of the yards’ past. The space overlooks the main restaurant and bar but is nicely tucked away for more intimate dinners.

Sommalier Fabio ran an excellent and entertaining wine tasting session for us. We had six wines to compare, in pairs, one from the Old World (i.e. Europe) and the other from the New World (i.e. the rest of the world). We started with a Gruner Veltliner from Austria and one form New Zealand, and we astonished how very different these seemingly identical wines where. A great way to demonstrate what climate and soil can do to wine.

Wine tasting at Vinoteca

The second comparison was a Pinot Noir from France and Chile. And the third a Shiraz from Italy and South Africa. The Old World reds were also very different from the New World varieties. It’s worth noting that the wine pairs we similar in price and the same production year.

We all really enjoyed the experience and though that this makes a great team social or company dinner out. Plenty of food was served throughout the tasting sitting which worked well to cleanse the palate between the different wines.

We hope to be able to introduce an other one of the Vinoteca restaurant London restaurant to more PA Life Club members soon.


In 2005, Brett Woonton, Elena Ares and Charlie Young set out to redefine what a wine should be. This was in Farringdon, London. They were committed to stop at nothing until the bar with an approachable and relaxed atmosphere, featuring fresh, seasonal food, paired with impeccably sourced wines was born.

In the 19 years since, the group has opened sites in Chiswick, King’s Cross, the City and Borough Yards, picking up multiple awards along the way, from Decanter, Star Wine List, Wine Buyers Awards and more.

Vinoteca may now be a bit bigger, but with Brett at the helm it keeps the same ethos at its heart. It’s a place for everyone. Whether you’re a couple looking for the perfect date night, a remote worker seeking coffee and wifi, a company looking for a next-level Christmas party or much much more.

We can’t wait to welcome you through the doors.

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